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Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Information:

I. Description
II. Story
III. Awards and Recognitions
IV. System Requirements

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans is the first game in the Warcraft series by Blizzard Entertainment. It has won many awards, and set standards for future multiplayer games.

Players must maintain a good economy while building an army of forces in order to take down the enemy. Players can choose to to side with the Orcs or the Humans, each side with its own story consisting of 12 senarios that tell of the battle for Azeroth. All elements of classic fantasy are included in the game, including rich forests, dark dungeons, bubbling swamps, sword fights, and sorcery. Players can command many armies and creatures, such as Knights, Archers, Clerics, Warlocks, Daemons, Elementals, and the Dead.

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans also has a multiplayer option, which brings a new level of excitement to the game. Challenge other players on over 20 different custom maps over modem, serial link, or IPX network. It also supports cross-platform multiplayer, so a Macintosh and a IBM-PC player can play together.

The human mage Medivh, scion of a mortal human and one of the last guardians, comes under the influence of the long dead dark Titan, Sargeras. Mad with lust and power, he offers the world of Azeroth to the bloodthirsty Orcs in exchange for the Titan's powers and unanswering loyalty of the Orcish Horde.

The Orcs begin a swift invasion of Azeroth but are, at first, beaten back and Medivh himself is slain, putting an end to his quest for power and domination. However, fortunes turn when the Orcs assassinate King Llane, sack Stormwind Keep (the capital of Azeroth), and drive the humans from Azeroth to Lordaeron (setting the story for Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness).

Awards and Recognitions:
  • 1995 Premier finalist - Computer Gaming World
  • Editors' Choice Award - PC Gamer
  • Strategy Game of the Year runner-up - PC Gamer
  • Critics' Pick - Computer Life
  • 1995 Best Strategy finalist - Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
  • 1995 Innovations Award - Consumer Electronics Show, Winter 1995
  • Four out of five rating - Computer Gaming World
  • 92-percent rating - PC Gamer
  • Four out of five rating - Computer Life

System Requirements:
386/20MHz processor or better
4MB of RAM
MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
VGA Video Card
Microsoft-compatible Mouse
CD-ROM Drive
68030/68040 or PowerMac
System 7.1 or higher
256 Color 13" Video Display

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